This Forest No Longer Exists

live multichannel composition
4.8.4 sound system
duration 20'

The multi-channel composition 'This Forest No Longer Exist' comes into being as the final chapter in the sound collage of field recordings initiated some 15 years ago. It is a sort of sound testimonial of the primeval nature and the human presence in it. It builds on the earlier multi-channel composition, Resilient Nature, performed at 4D Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest, as part of the Showroom of Contemporary Sound in 2016.

From a bird’s perspective, there are only two species: its own and the dangerous ones. There are no others. The rest is comprised by innocuous objects such as rocks or trees, or people when they are dead.

▪️ The work was commissioned and produced by KONTEJNER as part of the project Re-Imagine Europe, co-financed by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union.