Solfeggio for Color Harmonies

ambiental audiovisual installation
duration / 60 min (loop)
dimensions / variable

"Color is the place where our brain and the universe meet."

Solfeggio for Color Harmonies is conceived to create a complete audio-visual experience that would captivate our senses, whereby the presence of the spectators would become an overall physical participation. The installation counts on our time, our being in space, determined by the duration of a video (60 minutes), which gradually changes from black to intense light and then plunges back into blackness. The evolution of all the optical window is accompanied by sound, formulated as a composition that uses a numerical relation in solfeggio frequencies (nine frequencies obtained from numerology and used centuries ago in the Gregorian chants). The gradation of light occurs in barely perceptible nuances and slowly changing registers, to achieve deceleration, slowing down the pulse and even demanding an absence of thoughts and an emptied consciousness.

The time of the work is an entry into the space where we can physically remain as long as we need, isolating ourselves from the world and adapting the circumstances of the artwork to ourselves. The notion of sculpture as an extended space surrounds and absorbs a synesthetic interconnection with light, sound, and haze. Space has become activated, an open structure. The installation is an active void that communicates with visitors from within its fullness, filled with colours and sounds that transform it by means of interactivity with the spatial shell.