Room relief

ambiental audiovisual installation
dimensions / variable

The work in it synthesis investigates the fields of optical speed-up geometry and operates in the tucked architectural space inside one of the Vjenceslav Richter Collection's room.With the use of projected light and moving optical-graphic elements Room Relief supplements the specific empty ambient body, exploring and developing a new spatial texture. The work presents rotation movements of layers in moiré patterns. The formulas of optical speedup and moiré periods are kept in their simplest form, all periods are relative to the axis of movements of layers and moiré bands. The illusion of movement appears when superposing two transparent layers (two grid of 100 000 black and white rectangles) containing correlated opaque pattern. When the revealing layer moves perpendicularly to layer lines, the moiré bands move along the same axis, but several times faster than the movement of the revealing layer.