Resilient Nature

spatial sound composition for 45.8 omnidirectional sound system
duration / 28'
dimensions / variable

Following upon previous investigations around the notion of human presence in nature and its manifesting phenomena, like in works 'Invisible Landscapes: Earth, Second Moon, Nature needs to be constructed', the material includes sounds from the deep forest through to animal noises collected over the past ten years.
By treating and sculpting each sound separately (field recordings, contact mics, binaural sounds) the composition creates sonic environments which are shifting the perception of dimensionality leading the audience to an elusive cognitive process about inner consciousness and environmental listening.
The listener is encouraged to explore the space, moving between blocks of sound, touching lines of sound and walking through walls of sound.

4DSOUND is a fully omnidirectional sound environment where the listener can experience sound in an unlimited spatial continuum. The composition was commissioned as residency at the Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest with support from Showroom of Contemporary Sound.