Presque Rien: ainsi continue la nuit

16mm film transferred to 2K video
English title: Almost Nothing: so continues the night

For us, a thought always presupposes a society, a culture and above all the consciousness of time. We are haunted by immortality, human notion par excellence. As if the world was here to fascinate us. And to disappoint us. The film travels around the bulb like the Earth around the Sun. Light makes the film visible. A fragile film, like our existence. In the orbit of the film tragedy and our reality, the image resists the cruelty of the experiment.

"Our eye is made of the same material as that which constitutes the Sun. It was shaped by the Sun, and that's why we see. Between the eye and the Sun the contact is constant, intimate."

"The gaze needs distance to perceive. Light is no longer there when we perceive it. So there is a sort of absolute distance."

"In an experiment, I destroy to achieve what I want to know. In an experiment, some images are nowhere, they do not yet exist. Some images are created in the very act of transformation, they fade away in front of our eyes."

Filmed in Korčula, Zagreb Observatory, Roza Kuća Studio.

Critic's Award, 25FPS Festival, 2017
Oktavijan Award for the Best Experimental Film, Croatian Film Days 2018
Special Mention, Tabor Film Festival 2018
Vlastimir Kusik Award, Slavonian Biennale 2018

25 FPS International Film and Video Festival
International Film Festival Rotterdam
Ann Arbor Film Festival
Filmska runda, Osijek
Videoex Festival
Croatian Film Days
Diversions International Short Film Festival
Festival Images Contre Nature
Tabor Film Festival
Curtas Vila do Conde International Film Festival
Seven Days of Creation, Pazin
Films Like No Others, Bol
FeKK - Ljubljana Short Film Festival
Audioart Festival, Pula
Videomedeja International Video Festival
L'Etrange Festival, Paris
Unseen Mini Film Festival
Curtocircuíto International Film Festival
Signes de Nuit International Festival, Paris
International Festival Bosnia-Herzegovina Looks Around, Bottrop
Luksuz Film Festival, Krško
Revolutions per Minute Festival, Boston
Nonplussed Fest, Los Angeles
Rencontres Traverse Vidéo, Toulouse
Filmfest Dresden International Short Film Festival
Experiments in Cinema Festival