interactive spatial sound installation
ultrasonic soundspeakers, olive wood, fiberglass, 2KW sub
dimensions / variable

The interactive sound installation “Ø” was commissioned for the 28th Music Biennale Zagreb, and is a continuation of an earlier exploration of the relationship between the Universe and man, sound and space, the materialization of noise and the localization of the infinity of sounds in the expanse of space.

The work consists of a trunk of an old Istrian olive tree, brought down by the forces of nature. Every growth ring is a witness of time and a pledge of a new journey. The gallery space is filled with emptiness. The silence draws us in. The visitor is invited to gently touch the time of the tree and activate the sounds, noises and harmonies of the music which nature inscribed among the growth rings (wind, rain and waves) in subtle combination with the NASA's sound probes waves recorded in Space (stars explosions, whispers).

By using directional ultrasonic speakers, reflecting onto a parabola, the installation creates an individualized listening experience, depending on the focal point of the visitor. The object becomes a musical instrument with a multitude of combination.
The touch becomes the symbolic connection of counterpoint, the touch of the inaudible.