Nostalgia for Light / Dead Constellation

kinetic light sculpture
dimmensions / variable

Nostalgia for Light arises from the knowledge about stars and constellations that are no longer seen or noticeable in the sky since they’re already extinguished. The light that enables us to detect them has run out, so it seems that these stars and constellations don’t exist anymore, although physically they’re still present – they only exist now in the memories of the universe.

A simulation of a constellation in Križanke park during Svetlobna Gverila Festival (Ljubljana) was created, visible in the night sky among the tree canopies. The movement of the light elements is slow and in shorter time intervals barely noticeable, but their position is different every day due to their incessant movement.

On the substantive level, the installation functions as an hommage to lost or invisible stars, while at the same time it problematizes the concept of memory: how can we remember something that we’ve never experienced with our senses? How to understand memory in the context of nature and universe?