Nature makes no noise

mixed media installation
8.1 sound channel, 2k video projection (20'), objects, photography, motion sensors
dimensions / variable

"It was almost dark when I found the remains of the lynx prey. In the shadows, the blood looked black. The prey of the predator is like the hot ashes of a dying fire. Hours of darkness, such as night and sleep, are necessary to the inorganic and organic realm. Not even the Moon shines every night, but gives way to darkness."

The investigative artistic project aim is to record and collect sounds and images which bring the human ear and eye closer to those moments in which the animal kingdom lives freely, without any human presence. Bioacoustic aspects make an important segment of this project as well as relations between animals and their acoustic surroundings on the micro-location of Natural Park Peneda - Gerês (Portugal). These recordings also make a significant contribution to assessment of biodiversity in those areas, in relation to anthropogenic noise and sound pollution, making them valuable archival material for future generations.

Created in collaboration with Portuguese artists Adriana Romero and Joana Patrão, Nature makes no noise centres on the interpretation of the documents collected in Natural Park in Gerês in the form of psychoacoustic phenomena and interaction with light, objects and images.

The project was made within the support of EMAP - European Media Art Platform