Looking over separate distances

mixed media installation
Photography, light bulb, pedestal, wooden 3D slide viewer
dimensions / variable

Looking over separate distances is a journey through time that surpasses the optics of the 21st century – by using the optics of the traditional photography of more than hundred years ago.
The work is based on a stereoscopic found image and her digitally and poetically altered state. The original image shows a military camp and a human figure observing the soldiers from a hill. This reconnaissance position is given to the visitor: a look through the stereoscope offers completely different vision of the photograph. The military camp is now covered with water. In place of soldiers, there is only the ocean.
In this process, the obsolete and neglected medium of stereoscopic photography becomes the reminder of forgotten experiences and suppressed utopias. It suggests the possibility of reversing the hierarchical structure, with technocracy sitting on the throne, and creating a horizontal model of cooperation between man and nature.