Invisible Landscapes_Earth

ambiental sound installation
duration / 8 hours
dimensions / variable

Invisible landscapes / Earth is an 8 hours sound installation/composition, a part of a larger project La cour du domaine. The piece investigates the fields of phonography and the phenomenon of ecological perception. The composition consists of sequences of field recordings done on several natural sites over three continents. The linearity of the composition (involving no loops) invites to be present in the meditation of time, to create a space for the inner vision.

Recorded sound sequences are in an asymptotic search for pure wilderness, for the sound of a landscape devoid of human activity. The composition is not attempting to represent the experience, but it manipulates the clips of one irreproducible situation and creates a new perceptual situation, which is itself thoroughly unique and unperceivable as a whole, emphasizing the fragmentation and processuality. It works as a part of time and space that meditates over its own flow.