El Tiempo en reposo entre la Tierra y el Cielo

mixed media installation
4 channel sound, Mixtec soil, mirror, water, solar panels, wood
duration / 60 min (loop) dimensions / variable

El Tiempo, en reposo entre la Tierra y el Cielo (Time, resting between Earth and Sky) is a site specific ambient installation created for the Open Cube of the Museum of Contemporary Art in Oaxaca, Mexico.
From a minute of silence, each solar hour, the quadriphonic sound composition starts the circle and finish in the same point in Time. The electricity is alimented by solar panels placed on the roof of the museum's courtyard. The expansion and the power of sound waves/frequencies smoothly touch and move the water which fills the mirrored box. The primary element of the installation is the Earth (represented by the red Mixtec earth*, one of the oldest soil along with Australian and African existing since the formation of the Planet 4.54 billion years ago).

The created ambient is an invitation, through contemplation, to experience our being. Its aim is to create an environment where peace dwells in the inner breath, stopping our agitated steps and calming the spirit. As in a dream, the work belongs to a time outside the human measure. It requires opening of our senses: open to meet with the space and with the time, axes of here and now.

* Twelve tons of earth was used for the purpose of the work. The used soil has a sacred value for the Mixtecs, indigenous Mesoamerican people inhabiting the region of La Mixteca which covers parts of the Mexican states of Oaxaca, Guerrero and Puebla. After the installation, the earth is returned to its place of origin.