Distant Intimacy

ambiental audiovisual installation
duration / 10' (loop)
dimensions / 1:1

The installation is placed in a gallery’s corner; a silhouette of a human figure that lightly vibrates in the intervals of low sound frequencies. Intimacy can’t be grasped as a phenomenon, since it is elusive, disclosing itself only at moments, only in inversion, reflection or shadow, in play and deceptions of stimuli and our reactions. Distant Intimacy denots a space in which we listen to the echo of loneliness as well as intimateness. The sound is used as a permeable zone that draws us near to a sphere of amplified sentiency and an inward gaze, wherein we find the unstable certainty of existence. Then our subjectivity became what is present to us, individuality became isolation. The route to conviction in reality was through the acknowledgement of the endless presence of self.