1 0 0 1

physical audiovisual installation
duration / 10'01" (loop)
dimmensions / 400 x 300 x 300 cm

Study for trans-sensory organisms - activation of humans senses through defined audiovisual wave frequencies.

Bearing in mind a visitor’s “tired eye” saturated with millions of visual information, the installation insist on engaging the whole human body in perceiving the project. “1 0 0 1” employs light flashes and binaural beats to create the illusion, the moment when the observer finally gazes at 1838 photography by Louis Daguerre, titled “Boulevard du Temple”. The work reconstructs the possible “truthful” depiction of this freeze moment. The observer can discern black lines/blur in motion until the moment when it becomes obvious these are people, passers-by.

The time has been turned back.